Live Simple: More Fun, Less Work

Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day to do it all? Do you feel like you are failing to do all the tasks a business owner needs to do as well as the things you need to do for your household and family? Running a business while managing aContinue reading “Live Simple: More Fun, Less Work”

Network Like a Pro, Not a Dork.

Do you shy away from networking events because you are too nervous and feel too awkward to talk about yourself to strangers? After all, our parents did tell us not to talk to strangers. Networking can be the best way for you to meet new potential clients and teach the community about your business. IContinue reading “Network Like a Pro, Not a Dork.”

Learn How Personal Development Will Change Your Business

Over the past year, I have listened to the following books on my Audible app when I was driving in the car or cleaning up around the house. Whenever I could find 15 minutes to listen to a chapter, I did. I was determined to develop my mind and character this past year and willContinue reading “Learn How Personal Development Will Change Your Business”

Brilliant Way to Earn More Money Effortlessly

It has been said that a wise business person has multiple streams of income. In fact, they say the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Which makes sense because 7 streams can lead to a 7 figure income. If you have an hour a week to donate to promoting brands that marry well withContinue reading “Brilliant Way to Earn More Money Effortlessly”

Learn how a 90-day plan will change your business.

I recently went to a sales training where the speaker asked everyone if they knew what a 90-day plan was. A majority of the room raised their hands. He then said, “keep your hands up if you ever have written a 90-day plan.” About ⅓ of the hands lowered. His last statement was “keep yourContinue reading “Learn how a 90-day plan will change your business.”

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